Roman Averin


Autumn is the most like time for a photographer. Ordinary people don't really like autumn, they associate it with cold, rain and winter is coming. Photographers, naobrot waiting for this time of year. Such a riot of colors, what light. The sun is already quite low and can be removed to start after three days and up to ten in the morning. For example, this shot I took around 16:30. The sunlight was already at a steep angle, and most importantly yellow.

The lack of Sunny weather absolutely no reason to sit at home, you need to go to the shoot.

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Finally, Spring has come. Great weather, great mood... Especially after a bad winter. It's time to pick up the camera and go to shoot as nature wakes up, bloom leaves on the trees, there are the first spring flowers. Just don't miss this moment of rebirth..

Categories: Reflections